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Parts Inventory Planning

SAP® Business One for the automotive aftermarket
America's $250 billion automotive aftermarket businesses have new opportunities to increase sales, reduce inventory, improve service levels and increase productivity with a new small and midsize industry-specific solution from SAP America, Inc., a subsidiary of SAP AG (NYSE: SAP - News).

Developed by SAP® Business One solution partners Praxis Software and Valogix, the new solution offers SAP-certified e-commerce and inventory management capabilities from the SAP partners with SAP Business One in an integrated software solution.

Advanced Inventory Management from Valogix® Parts Planner, an SAP-certified integration solution, enables small and midsize aftermarket companies to optimize inventory levels and streamline supply chain processes by connecting with sales data, including current sales levels and predictions of future demand for automotive products and services. Aftermarket companies can generate real-time reports that recommended stocking levels and dates for inventory replenishment orders to lower inventory investments, replenishment expenditures and costs from emergency shipments.

VALOGIX Parts Planner determines which items to stock, which items to order, and which items are excess or overstocked. It manages an unlimited number of items and locations, and provides flexibility while different planning parameters allow more precise planning. It helps you manage by exception. The software's intelligence provides "Alerts" of potential problems, before they occur... saving you valuable time and assisting you to avoid potentially serious Customer Satisfaction problems.


Automotive Aftermarket Challenges

According to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association,

... key action items for aftermarket companies are to:

  • Improve performance metrics, especially at the SKU level.
  • Improve data and analytical capabilities including point-of-sale based forecasting and regression forecasting models, while sharing demand information across the supply chain
  • Adopt pricing strategies that consider the full cost and value to the customer rather than focusing on matching or beating competition.
  • Establish strategic differentiation to increase operation effectiveness.

View the NetPoint Powered demo site at automotive.netpointcommerce.com