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Finished Goods Inventory Planning

Distributors manage the process of storing, shipping, and transporting goods. They cover all the major markets and industries from Commercial, to Industrial, to Retail. Competition is fierce, health care costs are rising, finding and keeping good employees is more difficult, and subsequently, margins are being depressed.

Many distributors import goods from overseas and have the added burden of filling containers, managing the receipt of goods through customs, and long transit times. The need to enhance processes and automate inventory planning are top on the list of priorities.

Distribution Challenges

  • Difficulty in setting min, max, & safety stock levels
  • Accurately forecasting future demand
  • Properly filling Ocean Containers or Trucks
  • Stock-outs of essential items
  • Low inventory turns
  • Excess and obsolete inventory
  • High current inventory costs
  • Wrong mix of inventory items
  • Manual processes for determining what to stock, how much, when to order, and where to place it
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